February 13, 2012


A couple weeks ago, I headed up to DC for the weekend to help my sweet friend, Amy, celebrate her last weeks as a single lady!  (Cue Beyonce.)  And since she's getting married this Saturday (aaaahhhhh!), I thought we'd do a little recap.

Megan organized it all and flew down from Michigan just for the event!  (p.s. Megan is super important now and  gets her own articles in nifty online news websites.)  So, Amy, Lauren, Molly, and I met her at the metro (which we quickly abandoned because it is slower than dial-up internet) and headed to U Street!  Before we got in a taxi, we decorated Amy down in the bowels of Clarendon metro station.  Like good friends do.

Also, all these pictures are from my phone, so they are, of course, Pulitzer Prize worthy.

We did a little car-dancing in the taxi...

And then we got to the restaurant!  We ate at El Centro, which was delicious and very green.  Literally.  Not organically.

I heart my work twin. 

In case you were wondering, that tiara does, in fact, light up.  And the lights on it are red, yellow, and green, so technically, it can also direct traffic.  For ten bucks, not too shabby.  

I also super-cropped this picture because there's an awkward salsa stain south of my neck that the world doesn't need to see.  So instead, let's focus on our glowy iPhone eyes.

This picture gets me every time.  Amy scooted off to the bathroom for a little bit, and we started to notice that it was taking her a long time to come back.  But when we scanned the crowd for a second, we found the veil.  Schmoozing with the bartender.  It's a veritable bachelorette Where's Waldo.

I can't remember the details, but this guy said something about frequenting a bar in Baltimore called "Bad Decisions".  I think that's when Amy's well-adjusted and appropriately judgmental friends decided we needed to call it a night.

After that, I think Amy experimented with putting the veil over her face, Kate Middleton-style, and then we cabbed it back to Clarendon in one piece.  It was a fabulous night, and we laughed so hard about it at brunch the next day!

Love you, Miss Amy!

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