February 21, 2012


I say "baby cousin," but she's really not a baby!  She just happens to be the youngest of my seven first cousins. And I can't believe she's engaged!  Her brother and I were texting the night it happened, and he said the requisite, "I remember when she was born..."

I don't, but I do remember her being very, very small!

I haven't met her fiance, Jake, yet, but my aunt and uncle love him, and he seems to fit right into the family!  Both Jake and Cianne are from Southern Virginia, but they met while working at Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters, which is a Christian outdoors camp in Andrews, NC.  From what I hear, Cianne kept him waiting for a while before she officially started dating him, for which I give her a virtual high-five.  ;)

Cianne is a second year at the University of Virginia, so they'll wait until she's graduated to get married, but, as college flies by, I know the time will, too!

Can't wait for their big day!  Love you, Ci Ci!

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