February 7, 2012


So, logically, I should start with posts on my life as it happened right after I left DC, but those pictures are being ornery.  My external hard drive and I are in an eternal cage match.

So, I'll start with what I have, which are some iPhone pictures from a Miss America party that Bekah and I went to back in early January!  Of course, we were encouraged to dress up, and people ask us all. the. time. if we're sisters.  So, we decided we would wear the same color and make sashes that said "Miss-Taken Identity".  I know, I know.  Sometimes, even I can't believe how clever we are.  (Actually, that was all Bekah.)

It may have required an embarrassing level of forethought, but yes, we did buy tiaras a week in advance.  To be perfectly honest, I'm thinking about gluing mine to my bathroom mirror so I can feel like a princess in the morning.

We were pretty excited for Miss North Carolina, because she made it to the top 15!  It definitely brought back lots of memories of heading to Vegas to see Amanda compete in 2009.  :)

Ok, enough intro!  Here are some pictures of our extreme dedication to the party theme.

And yes, we did watch it on a screen this big.  It would sound materialistic to say I'd like to have that in my house one day, but given that picture of me, I think materialistic fits this post.

We actually thought Miss Oklahoma should have won (as did everyone else with eyes), but that's alright.  Sometimes the strategy is just to wait it out until first place embarrasses herself.

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