February 9, 2012


Spend a couple minutes with this video and you'll have an accurate picture of how I'm feeling right now.  Except place the word "Baxter" with "Carolina, God's favorite team," and "the bad man" with "Austin Rivers".

On top of that, a fugly mini van with a Duke sticker on its rear had the nerve to drive in front of me this morning.  My best guess is that the driver went to East Carolina.  I contemplated how easy it might have been for me to convince a police officer that a demolished bumper was only a "love tap".

I'm going to do the only thing I know how to do in this situation, which is to talk about Christmas.  Here are some super happy present-opening pictures that take me back to a time when this tragic day was a month and a half away.


Also, we visited Sunset Beach the week following Christmas, so all these beautiful stars were right outside my window!  I could have sworn that, since living in DC, I hadn't seen the stars at all, so I was super happy to spend some time with them.  I just set my camera on a 30-second exposure and let the magic happen!

Look at those lovely Carolina skies.

Carolina skies.

Update:  A lady I don't even know just called my office phone, and literally all I could hear on the other end was "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SCREAMING SCREAMING AHHHHHHH!!!"  I thought, "Surely, this woman is not elated about what I think she's elated about."  When she finally realized I had answered her call she said, "Oh sorry, we're just really excited about Duke."


I calmly said, "Well, I went to Carolina, so I'm not super happy about it."  She clearly didn't attend either school, because she said, "Oh, well you have to admit that last shot was nice."  Really?  I do?  Over my dead body.  So, I just told her we didn't have to talk about it.  And then she asked a favor.

I hope she enjoys the 90 degree temperature in her office today.

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