March 5, 2012


Before I left DC, my sister and I made a stop at the Ikea in Woodbridge to stock up on furniture and fun things for our new house in Raleigh.  One of the things I loved the most were the white magnetic boards they used for decoration, and I thought I could easily incorporate them into my room!  

At first, I intended to stack three of them on top of each other between my windows, but three ended up being one too many, so I moved one into my bathroom.  But, I thought the other two needed a little snazz between them, so I hung three picture frames in between them.  For a long time, I went back and forth on printing pictures to place in them, but I ended up thinking a little extra creative inspiration might be more fun!

(A couple of you may recognize your save the dates up there, haha!  But I ran out of magnets, so I have a few more to post.  The other thing is a Valentine's card from my mom that says, "I love you a hole punch."  Ba dum bum ching!)

Since my sewing machine sits on the desk below these boards (which I won't show you because it's pretty cluttered right now), I thought a little sewing lingo might be fun.  No, basting is not something you just do to a turkey.  And since I love to share my projects with y'all, I made sure to include a reminder to blog!

Making these was pretty simple!  First, I went to and customized three patterns with the colors I wanted.  Once I downloaded the free PNG files at the end, I used PowerPoint to adjust the patterns to fit my picture frames.  Then, I downloaded a fun font from and typed the words.  Voila!  Printed on some regular computer paper and I was finished!

I think they add a little extra pop of color to the room, and I love them!

I promise I'll show more pictures of my room once everything is actually put away.  It's still a little bit of a disaster zone right now!

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