March 1, 2012


Well, hello, bloggy blog!  I'm so sorry I've neglected you for five days.  Let's be friends again.

I have lots and lots of pictures to upload, but in the meantime, I thought I'd shake off a few from my iPhone that might catch you up on the little corners of my life.

I saw this car on the way to work Monday.  I think the big rims and non-profit license plate say, "I'm gangsta but I love the Blue Ridge Parkway."

People give me weird looks when I say I love working for the government, but when you get these kinds of protesters outside City Hall (who were, by the way, not loud or protest-y at all), things start to make sense.

With my handy dandy Late Night with Jimmy Fallon app, I Biebered my best friend and Amy's dog.  Molly dogsat Chang while Amy was off gettin' hitched, and she basically asked for this by posting a picture online. You're welcome, dear.

Here's the carousel at Pullen Park!  No reason for this except I may become a frequent flyer.

And lastly, Bekah and I got Sweet Spoons after a girl talk sesh on Tuesday.  This place is made of glitter and magic and all things marvelous.

Hooray for the almost weekend!

1 comment:

Amy said...

I'm not sure which I like better, Molly & Chang Bieberized or the protestors. Tough call.