March 14, 2012


Is anyone else obsessed with the Draw Something app?  I think at this point, I would be willing to let it raise my firstborn.

I just heard of it about a week ago, but during the snoozefest that was the finale of The Bachelor, Bekah, Leanna, and I decided to try it on our iPhones/Droids.  I'm not sure any of us remembers exactly how The Bachelor ended.

Basically, it's Pictionary, but it's also kind of like jumble because they give you the letters you need to guess the drawing.  And it. is. so. addictive.  Just seeing what in the world your friends might come up with for a particular word is half the fun!

And when you first start out, they only give you four colors: black, red, blue, and yellow.  You have to earn all the other pretty colors by correctly guessing words and drawing well enough to let others guess correctly, too.  I'm dying for some pink hues up in here!

This, for example, is Bekah's rendering of Snooki.

Leanna has drawn an impeccable rendering of  Lil' Wayne, and yesterday, I successfully drew Lady Gaga.

So, if Words with Friends just isn't doing it for you anymore, come to the more colorful side.  And play with me.

We have Bieber, too.


Amy said...

Please tell me this is Snooki. :)

Lauren said...

Of course it is!!!

Katie Daisy said...
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