March 27, 2012


This past weekend was a blast!  On Friday, Amy and Scott came down for the weekend, and we got to see each other for dinner at Lemongrass and frozen yogurt at Sweet Spoons!  It was so good to see them again!

Molly also came to visit this weekend, because a while ago my mom, Bekah, Molly, and I signed up for the Run for the Pig 5K in Wendell!  It actually turned out to be super rainy that morning, but running is not for princesses, so we went anyway.  We knew it was going to be pretty low-budget since fewer than 200 people signed up, but it was a fundraiser for Wendell Elementary School, and it promised a barbecue lunch (hence the name) and crafts fair after the race, so I thought it would be fun!

Well, it sort of was.  More on that in a minute.

Molly and I had some delicious eggs that morning for energy.  I would much rather run on an empty stomach, but I figured a little extra boost couldn't hurt.

I also decided to wear a Georgia shirt since NC State had just lost the night before and Carolina had won.  I just didn't want any comments from people based on my t-shirt, so I went somewhat neutral.

Not my best extended-arm picture ever.

Proof we were in Wendell: That woman in the denim/sweatshirt jacket has a pack of Marlboro lights in her pocket.  Not judging, but I never saw her for the rest of the race.

Mmmmmkay, so here's the not so fun part.  We got lost.  Actually, my mom didn't because she's fast enough to keep up with the people who know the route, but the rest of us weren't.  And there weren't guides at every turn, just tiny spray-painted arrows on the asphalt that looked like (gasp!) utility markers.  So, we were supposed to turn left at this house, but did we?  No, we did a full extra loop around the cemetery, bringing our run to an almost-8K and jacking up our time a full 20 minutes.

This was the scene as we were trying to locate the finish line.  A whole lot of no people.

Our times weren't accurate, which was frustrating, but we did finish (and then we promptly left because we don't want your stinkin' barbecue).

We did get super cute t-shirts out of it, though, and we got to enjoy dessert that night all the more!


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