March 29, 2012


Woo hoo, it's baseball season!

Since my dad is an NC State alum (and I will be, too, come 2014), we're big Tar Heel AND Wolfpack fans around here.  So, my dad got our family tickets to see them take on the Pirates last night, and he got his money's worth!  The game went into two extra innings, but State was able to pull out the win on a fly ball to left center field.  Yay!

My dad and I took this picture not knowing we would end up on the scoreboard about four bazillion times, haha!  I emailed it to the press box people and thought they may only show it once, but nope.  Our super-cropped faces showed up a LOT.  We gained a following I think.

Mr. Wuf was there, too, being harassed by drunk Pirate fans.  Always a good time.

Carolina also ended up beating Coastal Carolina last night, so that's good news!  I'm excited to spend some more afternoons and evenings at the ballpark!  It's seriously the only thing that gets me through the non-football, non-basketball season.

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