April 3, 2012


Well, I don't like Kentucky.  I can't remember a time when I did.  Maybe I used to not care so much, but pretty much around the time John Wall and his 'tude enrolled there, all the one-and-done players who probably cared very little about the school stated to make me want to vom.  Maybe I should be more upset with the NBA than with Kentucky, but Calipari's greasy hair and smug face just make the university seem like an express route out of school.

Maybe Josh Lucas should have coached Kansas.  Things didn't end so well for Kentucky when he was around.

But, congrats to my old roommate and good friend, Clara, who won the bracket pool that Molly and I hosted!

She fought against her love for Ohio State and picked Kansas and Kentucky to meet in the final game, and she embarrassed us all.

A giant Ohio State Tervis Tumbler coming your way!  It will pain me to buy that, but I am proud enough of you to swallow my own personal pride.

Also, fun fact that my sister and I realized last night... blue is the primary school color of every school that has won the NCAA men's basketball national championship in the last nine years.  That bodes well for my Tar Heels!

Anyway, I hope all of y'all had brackets that fared better than mine.  Turns out that when you pick your alma mater to win every year, the odds are mightily stacked against you.

Football season?  Are you there?

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