April 13, 2012


Have y'all heard of Catalog Living?!?

Ok, well neither had I until about three days ago.  But it may be one of the funniest blogs ever.

Have you ever noticed when you're flipping through a catalog that the stylists who put it together might be on acid?  Seriously, sometimes they photograph rooms styled in the strangest ways, and we just keep flipping through like everyone lives that way.

Well, this lady figured out how to make a comedy routine out of it.  She created Gary and Elaine, who live inside the pictures from the catalogs that she posts, and they justify why things look the way they look.  So, under a picture of dishware artistically hung from a fisherman's net, she writes, "Although only an amateur fisherman, Gary knew there was no feeling more satisfying than hauling in your first seasonal plate catch of the year."

You just have to read it.

Here's my attempt, in case I'm the only one laughing in this proverbial room.

"Elaine was horrified to find that Brenda was so hungover she couldn't even serve her brunch guests a fruit salad served in the middle of the placemat.  This lime was certainly from the backyard."

Anyway.  You'll never read a catalog the same way again.  Happy Friday!

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