April 24, 2012


Sometimes, it's just good to know your name's still on the wall and you're not old as mold.

It's tradition at UNC that all the seniors get to climb the Bell Tower a few weeks before graduation, and even though I'm pretty sure it's not sanctioned by the administration, the senior class council always has a mess of Sharpies up there so you can sign your name inside it.  My graduation year was so special to me, not only because it was the end of an era, but because I had just come back from Detroit, where my school had won the NCAA men's basketball championship a week or two earlier.  And the whole campus was still completely abuzz.  My friends and I climbed that tower together, and every year, it seems one of my younger friends finds my name!  This year, it was one of the freshmen from my saxophone section in the marching band, and I can't believe her whole class is about to head out.  How did three years go by so fast?!?

If they ever wash my name off that wall, I will learn to rappel and put it back.

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Lauren Crawford said...

:-) I meant to tell you- I like the new logo!!