April 26, 2012


Last night, Amanda and I visited our alma mater for some lovely baseball!  The stadium was actually pretty full, which might have been because it was the last day of classes, Carolina is actually a fairly good team, and they were playing East Carolina.  I think it would have been more full if final exams weren't around the corner, though!

That's my freshman dorm back there!  Unfortunately, I didn't live on that side of the building or on the sixth floor, so I couldn't watch any baseball from up there.  But, I did have an awesome roommate (hi, Ellie!) and absolutely LOVED living on South Campus.

We chose to sit in the sun because it was a little chilly!  Which also meant we couldn't see very well until the sun went down a bit, but that's ok because we probably did more dancing and singing to the stadium music than watching the game.  OH and because no one scored until extra innings.  When Carolina won by one run.  Adrenaline-pinching.

I wore my sparkliest shoes, of course.  In the sun though, they were blinding.

We tried to hit up student stores before we left, but they closed at 8.  So, we had a nice walk up and down Stadium Drive and popped into Rams Head Market for a Coke before we headed home.  Just like old times.  :)

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ellie b said...

woo hoo--roomie shoutout! :D