April 17, 2012


I thought I was a super careful grocery shopper.  I always check to see if things are organic or not, or if they're fat free or not, or if they're fresh enough to still be mooing.  But I made a rookie mistake last week and bought whole bean coffee.  

I do not own a coffee grinder.

And I found this out around 10:00 on Sunday night, when I was already exhausted and couldn't even fathom a Monday morning without coffee.  And a trip to Starbucks would only mean an earlier wake-up time.  

So, I did what 21st century girls do and Googled, "How to grind coffee beans without a coffee grinder."  I kid you not, the first tip was "Consider purchasing coffee that is already ground."  NOT FUNNY.  DO NOT MAKE A MOCKERY OF ME, INTERNET.  And from there, it suggested putting the beans in a bag and rolling over them with a rolling pin (which I had already somewhat tried, but I tried smashing them with a pizza cutter and that only ended up putting puncture wounds in the bag.  For some reason, I thought using a blender was too easy.  There was no way it would grind up beans that small, and of course the internet discouraged me from trying it.  And somewhere, I'm sure a super pretentious barista is shaking with fury over all the bean flavor I murdered by grinding them up in a common blender, but that's exactly what I did.

And it worked like a charm!  Why didn't anyone ever tell me this was possible?!?!?

In fact, it not only worked, it was a BLAST!  You can watch the beans literally get pulverized, and the only thing I think you're sacrificing is your eardrums, because they are loud.com/earpiercing.  But I ended up grinding the whole bag because I had so much fun.  I did have to send a quick text message upstairs to my sister letting her know I wasn't lumberjacking the house to bits.

So my morning coffee was saved!  And that's the story of how I beat the grocery gods.

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Bekah said...

Or you could buy a bean grinder. I have one...