April 11, 2012


My mother is a pretty gifted gardener.  As in, while my dad, Leanna, Bekah, and I played cornhole next to the house on Sunday afternoon, my mom trotted off to "repot three plants".  For most people, that would be a whole afternoon's project.  But she was done in like thirty minutes.  And there they were, all the way across the yard from where they used to be.

I always love hanging out back there and taking pictures once spring arrives (even though today feels like Old Man Winter punched it in the face), so here's your little bit of warm weather until the temperature goes back up.

By some biological miracle, my mom has managed to lure almost every avian creature one foot from our house with these feeders.  She also almost bought the iBird app on her iPhone, but apparently it costs $25.  

Do y'all have these little seeds everywhere, too?  They get caught in the spiderwebs outside my front door sometimes and then they just get suspended in the air.  Uselessly.

Leanna would be upset if I didn't show you her bright new sneakers.  Zappos.com, baby.

So, there you have it!  Spring in my parents' backyard.  Birds chirping, bees buzzing, and the shih tzu nextdoor yapping its face off.

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Bekah said...

"while my dad, Leanna, and I played cornhole next to the house"?! Excuse me?! It should read "While my dad, Leanna, BEKAH, and I played cornhole." Geez Louise.