April 30, 2012


What a fun weekend!  It was jam packed with family and good food and dogs and my best friend, so it's one of those Mondays where I feel like it's time to be back at work, not like my weekend ran away from me!

On Saturday morning, I did the Pregnancy Support Services Walk-a-Thon with my small group, and we had a blast!  Mostly, we just had fun laughing and talking with each other, but we did get some good laughs at each other's expense, too.  Poor Stephanie.  We made these shirts a week ago, and hers didn't quite go the way she wanted, so she ended up looking like a big birthday present.  But no one said anything, and she was DEFINITELY not the worst-dressed person there!  

After the walk, I swung by my parents' house to visit with my aunt and uncle, who were visiting from South Carolina on their way up to Connecticut.  We had played cornhole and had barbecue chicken the night before, so I was squeezing every ounce of visit time I could since we don't see them as often as we should!  p.s. my dad is the master at cornhole.  We shouldn't have let him build a game that he could handily beat us at.  Every.  time.

And I got to snuggle my canine besties.

On Saturday night, I met my fam for dinner at Nantucket Grill, and Saturday is free cake night!  I ask you, is there a better marketing tactic?  I think you could spend $10,000 in skywriting and banner ads and flares and those blow up guys you see at used car lots and you still wouldn't pull in as many people as free cake.

This was the unbirthday cake, and it was worth every bit of uncomfortable I felt later.

Leanna went to see Sugarland that night with her friend, Lauren, so she missed out on the literal sugarland that I enjoyed.  But she also got to see David Allen Stewart of the Eurythmics, who she later described as "a weird British guy who told stupid jokes and used to be part of a band called 'Arrhythmia'".  It's ok, she was almost a '90s baby.

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