May 1, 2012


Sorry about that, y'all!  This late morning post brought to you by forgetting to click the "Publish" button.

So, I got a super special treat this past Sunday, because my BFF Molly met me in Richmond for the day!  It's two hours from my house and an hour and a half from hers (which used to be "ours", so I still call it that sometimes), so it was a perfect spot to meet.  We had brunch at Lulu's, which was AMAZING.  And they were even happy to keep refilling my coffee and let us chat long after I had finished my waffle.  Big tip on that check.

To be perfectly honest, Richmond is a normal city and has its areas that aren't so safe.  But, we wanted to go see The Five-Year Engagement, so we asked our waiter for a theater recommendation, and he sent us to Movieland, which was BEAUTIFUL.  It was very industrial-looking on the inside, and we even found this promo thingy for Dark Shadows, Johnny Depp's new movie, to act weird around before we went in.

Movieland is run by BowTie Cinemas.  It was the frattiest movie theater ever.  And I loved it.

After the movie, Molly humored me and took me to the Museum of the Confederacy, which I had been dying to see for a while!  I took pictures of that on my mamma jamma Canon camera, so I'm planning to share those tomorrow.  It was a small museum and it cost $10 to get in, but they had most of Robert E. Lee's wartime belongings and even a couple bloodstained pieces of clothing owned by Stonewall Jackson.  I was in History Channel heaven.

Then, we had to find a place for dinner!  Being the Capital of the South and very traditional, a lot of the restaurants were closed on Sunday evening.  But, we used our skills and found Tarrant's Cafe, which was absolutely worth the trip alone.  I'm technically not supposed to eat pasta (or anything else on this plate really), but I ordered the Penne alla Vodka anyway, and I highly recommend it.

Molly (true to form) ordered the world's best comfort food... chicken and waffles.  Somehow, she managed to prove her Southern-ness and also remain mildly offended by the Confederate museum all in one day.  That's why I love her.

And of course, our day together ended all too soon.  But we were both home by 9:30, and we decided this is going to be a thing for us.  Like, consistently.  The drive is anything but painful, and we get to explore a new city!  It's the best.


Mol Mol said...


And it's time to OFFICIALLY tell you that your logo is EPIC.

Jen Morganstern said...

One of my friends lives in Richmond and we always go to Movieland to see movies when I am in town. It used to be a train station, that's why it looks so industrial (thought you would enjoy that tid-bit!).