May 24, 2012


On Tuesday, May 29, this is happening.

That's right, I've been working on a new website for about three weeks now, and it's going public in five days!  Starting a part-time photography business has been a dream of mine for about three years now, and I finally feel like I have the portfolio, equipment, and graphic design ability to be able to support it.  I'll post photos from the engagement and family sessions I've done over the past year, but I'll also be debuting Chelsea & Ryan's wedding pictures!  And, some exciting news... I just booked a wedding in Charlotte for 2013!  Rachel and Joe, I can't wait to get started.

And, since I'm going to make a concerted effort to document my real life with my real life camera, you'll probably see most of my life-related posts over there from now on.  But feel free to linger here until then.

Until Tuesday, here's a sneak peek at Chelsea and Ryan's pictures, and if you feel so inclined, go visit my Facebook page!

I'll see you over there on Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

This is such exciting news! I know you are happy to be able to do this as a thing now; congrats! Your pictures are just stunning. Best wishes for this new adventure.