May 18, 2012


Does anyone else feel like North Carolina has gotten an inordinate amount of attention recently?  Don't get me wrong, I love this state, but we're really good at that "quiet strength" thing most of the time.  

This year, it seems like the world revolves around us.  First, Obama picked Carolina to win the tournament (womp womp...), then the country went crazy over the fact that The Hunger Games was filmed here, then a marine from Fort Bragg went missing and still hasn't been found, then John Edwards's hair finally went on trial for releasing too many chlorofluorocarbons into the O-zone, then Obama continued to pimp us out by speaking at Carolina (just like he did in 2008), then Jimmy Fallon filmed in Chapel Hill, then Amendment One passed and everyone forgot that 29 other states have the same law, and now... now this.

I was getting ready for work this morning when I heard Savannah Guthrie from the Today Show talking about a herpetologist who had gotten into a cage match with an alligator in Swansboro this past week.  The video's already gone viral, but I don't even think the amazing part is the fact that he wrestled an alligator.  Steve Irwin was the original Alligator Infuriator, and to be honest, four years in Florida rid me of all my fascination with them.  What's awesome is this guy's complete indifference over the fact that Savannah has questions.  Or is even on the other end of his earpiece.  He makes it very clear that he doesn't want to be famous, and then he tells his story, running straight through her questions and saying whatever the heck hits his brainwaves next.  Someone needs to get this man a press secretary position, because he doesn't even stick it to the man, he ignores him altogether.

Gold stars for your service to this state, sir.  And may you disenchant the media forever.

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