May 14, 2012


We took our boat out on the lake on Sunday!  It was my first time on it this year, and it felt good to be back.  It was a little chilly, though, and Dottie does NOT like the wind in her face, so we both got cozy in fleeces and towels!  Obviously, there was zero swimming.  But we did eat a fabulous lunch that Mom prepared!  Lots of pasta salad, watermelon, guacamole, pimento cheese, and cookies!

We didn't bring Reba since she's a few months away from 17 years old, but Dottie does love the boat when it's a little warmer out!  She's a good car-rider, though.  Mostly because if she moves too much, she tosses her lunch.

It's so fun to be able to celebrate all these holidays without having to drive all the way from Washington.  We just love our mama!


Emily @ Southern Weddings said...

Such a cute photo! :)

Janan Leo said...

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