April 18, 2012

4000 STEPS

In a couple Saturdays, my Bible study girls and I will be walking 4,000 steps with the Pregnancy Support Services of Wake Forest as a fundraiser for women struggling with pregnancy and new motherhood.  We're in the middle of fundraising right now (thank goodness there's no minimum we have to reach... I am the world's worst), but I'm excited for the actual event!  

I volunteered to be our Bible study's Community Liaison (like Social Chair with a heart I guess), so this is my first organized thing.  I came up with our team name, which is a whole cow's worth of cheese.  It's The Belly Band.  It's clever, but only if you get it.  A belly band is what pregnant women wear around their waists to hold their non-maternity pants up without having to zip them.  I don't know why I know that, but I read a lot of blogs.  Anyway, it looks like this:

Awesome.  I like it.

So, we're making t-shirts this Sunday night, which means I get to get my craft on.  Sweet neon t-shirt paint, I'm coming for you.

If you'd like to donate to the cause, that would be awesome!  You can go here:  http://support.psspartners.com/site/TR/Events/General?px=1007496&pg=personal&fr_id=1080

And if you just want to give me your thoughts on sweet t-shirt designs, I would also very much like to hear them!

Maybe I'll show up like this:

You go, sir.

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