April 16, 2012


I'm still in the process of going through real-camera pictures from Easter (oh, the pile of pictures I need to sort through...), but here are a few from my phone that I thought were precious enough to share!

Somehow, this sisterhood-at-its-doggy-finest provides for both snuggly cuddles and a growl from Dottie to Reba every time she walks by.  Fortunately (?), Reba is stone deaf, so no one is the wiser (except Dottie, who sometimes is awarded with an express ticket outside).

My spoils from a Trivial Pursuit victory.  For the record, I had no idea there was whale oil in soaps and lamps.  According to Leanna and Bekah, this is common knowledge.

Also, Leanna enjoyed the eyes on my particularly accurate rendering of Stephen Colbert.  It was an accident, because my short, round fingers are too much for the tiny pencil setting.

I promise real pictures (of egg hunts and my mom) real soon!

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