April 10, 2012


Helloooooooo!  So, I just thought as I was making my coffee this morning and getting ready to head out the door, "Self, I really miss blogging every day.  And I miss the people who loved it."  So, I'm going to start doing it again.  I'm not gonna lie, sometimes it takes a superhuman amount of effort to get something on the page everyday, but I loved meeting people for the first time who already knew me because of my blog.  It wasn't even creepy, it was just flattering.

So, here's my day one.  

Also, I have resolved to make my house a cuter place to live!  So, I be-bopped around World Market yesterday and found some super cute stuff that I think I should share.

Our couch actually looks quite a bit like the one in the picture... sort of tan and not super punchy.  But it converts into a full size bed for guests, which is why we bought it.  It kept depressing me, though, and I didn't know why.  I knew I needed pillows, but I didn't realize how big a difference they would make!  I bought the orange, yellow, green, and blue ones (which are all much more muted than they are in this picture, I promise that a rainbow did not fart on my couch).  They were only $13 each! 

I also happen to love the color red in a kitchen, so I found these hand-painted knobs for $1.99 each and bought 20 of them!  I think they'll add a little pop o' color.

And, finally, because the carpet is brand new and I get the heebee jeebees every time I think about someone tracking mud in, I got this sunny bath mat for people to wipe their feet on.  Unfortunately, this mat was not worth the $13 I paid for it, because if you were to actually put it in a bathroom, you would bust your buttocks on a daily basis.  It has zero point zero zero grippies on the bottom, so no one should ever ever put it on a tile floor.  Or our wood floor, for that matter.  So, I had to put it on our carpet, but it's still just as sunny.

And, in honor of the sunniness of this post and the veritable medley of songs I used to post on my old blog on every 10th day of the month, here's my favorite song right now, this very minute.

Until tomorrow!