April 12, 2012


My gorgeous friend, Bekah, is so gracious!  About a week before I headed up to Northern Virginia to shoot Ryan & Chelsea's wedding, I bought a brand new camera, and even though I have plenty of experience with Canons, I wanted to be sure I knew exactly what I was doing and how everything worked before I took off into what could have potentially been a high-stress situation.  So, I texted Bekah about an hour before the sun went down (this was pre-daylight savings) and she quickly showered, threw on her cutest outfit, and met me at the seminary down the street, where she is a student.  Our light ran out fast, but some of my favorite pictures are the ones where she's a little glowy because I was fighting for every last image I could squeeze in!  And on top of that, shooting in the almost-dark was a fantastic learning experience.  

(p.s. I also added a sweet new logo that I designed last weekend, all by myself!)

Thanks for being such a lovely model (and friend), Bekah-boo!  I love you!