April 25, 2012


The Bells are super special to my family for lots and lots of reasons!  Our parents have actually been friends since before we were born, when they all lived in Greensboro.  But, after losing touch over the years, my mom ran into Melanie at Hallmark one day after we moved back to Raleigh, and they introduced us to our church!  Melanie and my mom go walking on the greenway everyday, and Leanna and I even rent our townhouse from her.  We just love them!  The oldest two, Lauren and Emily, are in college, but Martin and Matthew are on their high school and middle school baseball teams, so Bekah and I went to go watch them play a few weeks ago!

Matthew plays for Wakefield Middle, which is where my sister went.  I went to Wakefield High, so I was super excited to go support them!  

Martin came to watch, too.  Such a good big brother.

The next night, we all went over to Heritage High to watch Martin play with his JV team, and they beat East Wake!  Martin even scored a run, so I took a super blurry picture of it.  :)

The boys were good sports about this picture even though they really, really didn't want to do it, haha!

Melanie and her two boys!  I think she goes to baseball games and practices almost every night.

There's something so small-town about going to a high school baseball game... I just love it!  And I adore that family.

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